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Clearly some elements at managerial level in the SA Army have decided to show benevolence to Molefe in what is nothing else but a jobs-for-pals scandal. SANDU will file criminal charges this coming week against Molefe and further demand that his call-up be withdrawn immediately, failing which it will take the necessary legal action.

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Molefe must be brought to book together with whoever in the military aided this fraud and he must pay back the salary he received. There are thousands of qualified Reserve Force members, not called up for active service due to budgetary constraints within the SA Army, yet the same Army has no problem appointing a person illegally at R57 per month.

Current SANDU members may now switch to the debit order system by indicating at the bottom of the debit order form that they wish to do so. Membership application and debit order forms can be downloaded here. News Events. Molefe's call up is thus unlawful and fraudulent.

Sandu, a dapper technology wunderkind who has written code for Instagram and Twitter, is equally obsessed with the future of HTML as he is with the street wear labels Fear of God and Off-White. Big Break: After listening to a podcast on Steve Jobs in , he was inspired to learn more about the intersections of technology and genius.

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He became a familiar face at the local Torrance Public Library , where he devoured texts on the German industrial designer Dieter Rams, Nikola Tesla and the theory of relativity. In , he was spotted checking out books by a designer from Google, who offered Mr. Sam —What piece of technology in that store are you most proud, of or see the most potential with?

Iddris —My main goal is encouraging more kids to get away from the idea of just building apps and core infrastructures like cloud services. However, before I can do that in an area where the minority voices are diminished on the micro, I need to sort of spoon feed the culture to impact on the macro.

Creating the smart store experience—my main goal was to shift the mindset. The hardest thing you can do is shift the mindset. The fact that after I did the smart store I visibly saw it, was very fulfilling. Sam —I am the same age as you [21], so I really love that you actively call on our generation to step up and be part of the conversation.

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How do we demand room for others to follow? Exposing them to the right sort of information, and allowing them to have the ability to dream is so important, but how?

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It starts with exposure. We must expose our youth instead of educating them. The average shelf life of technology is less than one month now. I would much rather expose you to the information I have, and you choose what you want to do with that, then you spread it.

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In doing so, we can innovate, spread information at a higher rate, and prepare our youth to make changes in this world. Sam —Do you think these tech companies are finally realizing the youth are a major part of their consumer base and where they make their money?

Take how Rihanna posted about Snapchat and their stock took a nosedive. Iddris —I talked about this in my Ted Talk but there is this idea that the culture is supreme.

Irina Sandu

These tech companies want to act like the culture needs them but in reality they are nothing without the culture. Whether you want to use that as pop culture, Afro-American culture, Latino culture, Asian culture, it is all one and they just need to be more accountable. The people that need to be on the board of directors are the people influencing the culture. This is how we can market and improve things.

Sam —Technology can be frightening. The idea that we are all going to be living in this fake reality, because the real one is too sad, seems very possible.