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Do you remember your mommy ever having a big tummy because there was a baby growing inside? A neat thing can happen while the baby is growing - it moves! Rebekah had this same feeling as all moms do when they're going to have a baby.

It's just that she felt her babies moving around so much that she asked God, "Why is this happening to me? She was worried about how they were moving inside her. God answered her saying, "Your children are very different from one another, one of your children will lead a group of people that is stronger than the other and the oldest child will serve the younger one. This was strange because usually if you're the oldest child in the family the younger brothers or sister look up to them and want to do what the oldest is doing.

But in this case the older brother would work for the younger brother.

When the twins were born the first and oldest boy to be born was named Esau. He is easy to remember because he was red and hairy all over. Right behind him came his younger brother Jacob. As the boys got older they liked doing different things. Esau was good at hunting and loved doing things outside and Jacob liked to stick around home and did things on his own. Because Jacob stayed at home a lot he learned to cook with his mom. One day he had made some of his delicious stew that everyone liked.

Esau had been out early in the morning hunting and he was very hungry.


So hungry that he could smell the stew from a far way off. As soon as Esau got home he asked Jacob, "Quick, let me have some of your stew, I'm starving! Wait a minute! You're probably wondering what a birthright is? Things like money and the farm with all the animals. It does this, too, I think, without seeming pollyanish, without turning God into a teddy bear. My opinion could very well change as I read more. But it was nice to put the breaks on my jaded, gut reaction and to find quite a few things to appreciate about this Bible. But if I can revert to my usual cynical self for a moment, based on what I've read, there are too many chunks of the story left out.

The chunks are left out because the author is busy making a point, a worthy point, but I wonder if that point could have been made without, for instance, boiling down the ten commandments to, say, four. Now, if you wanted to boil them down to TWO, the two Jesus and the prophets specified love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your mind and your neighbor as yourself , okay, but why four?

I think that sort of thing is going to annoy me after awhile. But for now, I leave my rating at four stars. The Japanese invented lacquer.

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Actually, it went dove, raven, then dove. Like by flames or fire. Or ice. View all 3 comments. Sep 30, Toni rated it it was ok. The more I read this the more I don't like it. I think it would be better labeled the Jesus storybook, because this is not the bible. In fact it is so added too and taken from its far from the bible. Just to mention a few theological discrepancies in the very beginning God says " hello stars" it does not say he spoke them into existence. To go on the story of Rachel and Leah frustrates me to no end. Ra The more I read this the more I don't like it.

Rachel is popular and stuck up, and Leah is a victim. Then one day Laban had a sudden idea, Jacob has been working for me all this time, I should let him marry one of my daughters. The bible tells us Jacob loved Rachel right away and was working to win her marriage. It was Jacobs idea from the beginning. Then there is the Passover, it might not seem like a big deal to change simple wording, but in this place I believe it is a very, very big deal.

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In the jsb Jesus says this bread is "like" my body and this wine is "like" my blood. Jesus true words are this is my body and this is my blood, big difference. Another problem I have are the assumptions it describes. Like when God changes his mind about Isaacs sacrifice, it says " great sobs shook the old mans whole body. Scalding tears filled his eyes.

Bible Studies on Jacob Lesson 15: The History of the Older Brother, Esau

And for a long time they stayed like that, in each others arms, the boy and his dad. Some of these things may seem small, but from a young age I am telling my children over and over again that the bible is Gods words. What would it then look like when they ask why these other things are not in the bible.

I do find this book very moving by its wording and believe it has some great stories for kids, but when it comes to reading them the bible and telling them it's the absolute word of God, I will stick to the real thing. View all 4 comments.

Speckles, Streaks and Spots - A Bible Story About Jacob by Linda Sue Pochodzay Edwards

Dec 18, Jeremy rated it really liked it Shelves: law , religion , children-ya , read-to-kate , read-with-kara. Sally Lloyd-Jones wrote another children's book that positively depicts a same-sex couple; see here and here. Her children's book How To Get Married is also a little fishy. Part of the reason for the four-star rating is a section towards the end that sounds a little antinomian: No rules or just a few!

Just grace!

Bible Studies on Jacob Lesson 9: The Lord Directs Jacob to Leave Laban

Which doesn't make sense, because grace includes law. I'm sure the author's intent was not to spread antinomian views, but that section could have been worded better. View 1 comment. Jan 10, Bree rated it did not like it Shelves: kids-picture-books. Notes: yes, every story does whisper His name, but not like this book this is not a bible at all, just a poorly written storybook embellished inaccurate stories are ridiculous omits real truth for a watered down, feel-good gospel implies that our hearts are full of question marks instead of sin wrong in every possible way, will never read this to my children.

May 29, Ebookwormy1 rated it it was amazing Shelves: bible , kids-preschool , christian-church , parenting-spiritual , 1-character-forming. The strength of this book is two fold. One, every story ends with a reference to Jesus, showing how He illustrates a truth, fulfills a prophecy, exemplifies a character trait, etc. Secondly, the illustrations are truly unique and not "westernized.

People and angels come in various colors.