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Besides all that we have to forgive. Um, can you see why I love Nancy and particularly this trilogy? Nancy is a trustworthy guide, a fantastic writer, and you should know her.

Now what you have probably been waiting for…winning books! Nancy will personally sign each book as well as include a letter with Reluctant Prophet to your person of choice. Visit here for the Rafflecopter entry form and official rules. If you are joining the hop mid-way through and not sure where to go, here are all the stops for each day.

Too Far to Say Far Enough: A Novel (The Reluctant Prophet Series) –

Has this happened in your life? Can you relate? If so, can you share a bit of your story with us? Michele - December 5th, at AM. I'm in the middle of this exact thing right now. Feeling a call to do something REAL, but scared to call it out, because of church and family. I am praying for details and courage If it's real, you really have no other authentic choice.

Butyou're right -- you're going to need courage and lots of it. I'm praying for that for you. Nancy Rue Reply. Krista - December 5th, at AM. I can't wait to read more from Nancy! Keep sharing authors like her, Jen!

Biblical Series I: Introduction to the Idea of God

Ashley - December 5th, at AM. In a way, yes. He has "nudged" us to leave home, and move a 16 hour drive away, to do I'm freaking a little. Lots of my friends get it, and are supportive. Others, especially family members, not so much. We're taking their grandbabies with us, after all. Why would you move away from a great community, church, friends and family, to go so far away, when you don't even know why you're going? Because we're nuts, over the edge, in a cult, on the fringes of Christianity.

That's why. Is that what you'd like to hear?

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Obedience is hard, but I know it's so worth it. Mari - December 5th, at AM. I ask Jesue Christ into my life resently and I love the church I am attending. I have been a target for many since I left the Cotholic church. I have basically lost most of my family and I don't know what to do to get them to understand. I was looking for the right way to pray I want my prayers to be meaningful and not just ramleings I love my new life and I ask that anyone that reads this to say a prayer for certain family members to soften and not be Avery at me for the choice I have made Peace in Christ Even though we're a part of the most supportive church and extended family ever, God's call for us to be foster parents still inevitably puts us at odds.

Even when their concerns are accurate - we have to be responsible to listen to that, but we also have to be faithful.


Sometimes that feels overwhelmingly lonely, but we can't not be obedient. I pray that our family and our children can view this whole thing in the light of eternity. Yes, some hard and painful things are parts of our lives now, but this isn't about us. It's about Jesus. Marti Williams - December 5th, at AM. Thanks, Jen! Can't wait to read her books! I have followed the Spirit's nudges in the past and have learned so much about myself and others in the process.

I want more of Him. Genesis has been the catalyst for change in my life recently. I realized that in order for me to follow God's call on my life I needed some space and distance to not hear the naysayers in my old church who simply didn't understand. In terms of my immediate family, I've been very honest with them during this entire spiritual "change" and they are not totally surprised by what I'm doing. They also have been very supportive and come with me.

I'm praying that this ministry would never be at odds with my role as wife and mother and I'm not really sure what I'd do if I felt like this call put me at odds with them. I pray that never happens. Karen - December 5th, at AM. God nudged my family and I out of our perfectly fine, content-to-be there church into a church start. We are also foster parents that have taken "questionable" children.

2. Moses: The Premiere Prophet

Both of which put us at odds with church family and our own family. Sometimes things don't turn out well or like you hope they will and people mistakenly assume that you weren't really hearing God when he spoke. But, sometimes he wants us to do the hard things and the things that will go badly for us because there is something he is doing for someone else.

My new saying is this, "Just because something is hard doesn't mean you shouldn't do it. It just means that it's hard. Sharron - December 5th, at AM. Thank you for introducing us to Nancy. I am sort of jumpy right now at not having the books in my hands, you know, immediately. Just this year God called us out of our church home that has been part of my family for half of my life. I struggled for months but He just kept showing me more and more reasons why we needed to leave We were accused of things we did not do, we were told that we were making big things out of little things like social justice It was such a hard time for me but God has His purposes and has brought us to this little church that God is doing BIG things thru Also, this year we made the decision to adopt from Ethiopia which hasn't gone over very well with some of my husbands family.

But God called us and we are faithfully answering, knowing that some people may choose to walk away We don't expect anyone to ever fully understand why we are adopting or why we had to leave our church Gods writing a story in our life though and as long as we are being faithful to His leadership, that's all they need to know. Crump - December 5th, at AM. This is YES! Alissa - December 5th, at AM.

So glad to find this! It speaks right to my heart after leaving our church of 8 years.

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I can't wait to see if I win Thanks Jen! Sarah - December 5th, at AM. God gave my husband the courage to step away from work and the dream to sail as a family. I was comfortable in our suburbia, upper middle class bubble, but sickened by it. As scared as I was to make the leap, I prayed that God would give me the strength to trust Him. Neither of us were "sailors", so my family was very skeptical and scared.

Pirates, perfect storms and cannibal natives swam through their thoughts. How could we risk our children's lives like that? I had to talk them down as I was desperately trying to calm my own fears. But God has been more real to me since we left our comfort zone, and nothing would make me choose boring again. God is teaching us that He is our home and our comfort, no matter where we drop anchor! We are growing close as a couple and a family along the way, and our kids are seeing what it means to trust God and love all kinds of people.

It's been a year so far, and God continues to surprise us and provide in all ways. Tessy - December 5th, at AM. I am still trying to figure out the next nudge?! I have no idea where I will end up. It is nudging me away from family, comforts, my church and everything I ever knew.

It is not easy I can't deal with people starving while I sit around sipping hot chocolate "celebrating the birth of Jesus" and accumulating more stuff. J S - December 5th, at AM. I'm not sure I've been brave enough Tiffany - December 5th, at AM. In it right now-newly married and having the desire to give, give, give I now fully understand what people meant when they said serving God is a whole lot easier when you're single.

Thankfully, God is at work in my husband's heart and I'm delighted and blessed to see God aligning my husband and my hearts together, step by step. Susie - December 5th, at AM. My nudge is simple GO But I haven't let myself sit down and think about what that means or looks like because I know - I know I know I know - it will interrupt my cozy, sane, easy, mostly happy, but most of all routine, life.

I cry out to God to move me, I pray that I will get that nudge, but then I don't want to hear the answer. I ignore the answer until it fits into my schedule. Marilee Marks - December 5th, at PM. I love how God starts us out on his path with a small step and then years later if we are obedient to follow we look back and discover just how far he brought us.